In A World Of Curated And Staged Content, We Invest In Real People

About Our Founder

Hi! I'm Susan George, the founder and CEO of Mediary. I've seen the power of social media first hand and how it can be a conduit to a supportive and like-minded community that spans all over the world.

From getting women paid to be authentically themselves online, to taking a founder's vision and crafting the most authentic brand story, I find that social media is a great equalizer, where anyone can build an audience and opportunities around their passions, talent, and pursuits.

My vision for Mediary is to be the go-to agency for creatives and brands that like to think out of the box. To build authentic connections and communities that can support, uplift, and inspire, and make the world a better place. We'd love to have you come on this journey with us!


Social Media & Content Coaching

Whether you're a musician, business, or wannabe influencer, we can help identify a strategy to build an identity through your social media channels while building an organic and engaged community.

We'll go over:
• Building your brand identity and niche expertise
• Defining your target demo and widening your audience reach
• Making your profiles more appealing
• Creating Pitch letters, Media Kits, and One-Sheets
• Brand Deals

• How to monetize your content

• Improve the quality and quantity of your content
• Anything and everything related to content


Turning Passions Into Professions​

From athletes, musicians, and influencers, to businesses and brands, we strive to engage in modern culture in a way that cultivates community.

We help influencers grow their brand and achieve their dream brand partnerships. We work with them to create a strong social media presence, develop killer content, and

cultivate valuable relationships with brands. We want to see them succeed on their own terms and reach their full potential.


Don't Just Take

Our Word For It


We amplify voices. In a world of curated and staged content, we invest in the real. Real people, real products, and real connections.

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